On-line Confessional Lutheran Resources The Book of Concord:  What our pastors take ordination oath to; What our congregations formally confess; What you believe, why you believe it, answers to the questions people like you have been asking for years, the united Lutheran confession of the one true faith.  The Book of Concord in an easy readable online translation.  You can even sign up for daily readings sent right to your inbox. http://www.bookofconcord.org Some of the translated great Confessional Lutheran documents, with many of Luther’s works, and others, translated as well. http://projectwittenberg.org This is the electronic version of Dr. Kretzmann’s “Popular Commentary”.  An excellent resource to Scripture study. http://kretzmannproject.org This is the electronic version of Dr. Alfred Edersheim’s classic work, “The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah.”  An outstanding aid to understanding the setting in which The New Testament occurred, a setting well-known to the early Christians but perhaps quite foreign to modern Americans. http://www.ccel.org/ccel/edersheim/lifetimes.toc.html Well researched, well written papers on significant Lutheran topics. http://issuesetc.org Currents in solid Confessional Lutheran theology.  Blogs by many. http://steadfastlutherans.org Confessional Lutheran theology within the LCMS. http://www.acelc.net LCMS Website http://www.lcms.org Kansas District LCMS Website http://www.kslcms.org
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